The association then began its activities, for which it received and continues to receive public funding. This first came from the Federal Ministry for Labour and Social Affairs and subsequently from the Federal Ministry of the Interior of the Federal Republic of Germany. Shortly after the founding of the association, it became clear that the scope of its activity needed to be broadened to include special support for the weakest members of every society. In 1989, the “orphanage project” of AFIDA e.V. was initiated. An initial “fund-raising campaign” in order to finance this planned project progressed very slowly and frustratingly and was hence unproductive. This approach is not to be recommended without a “well-known” face. As the allocation of public funds is constantly subject to the enormous fluctuations of the economic situation and hence to the national budget, it would not have been possible to finance this very important project (see later publications) in this way with reliable planning and on a sustained basis.

The business director of the association therefore decided to found an international trading, services and technology-transfer company operating under the same name of AFIDA: AFIDA-International. The plan is to use part of the company profits for this hopefully exemplary orphanage project. ”Enough” consideration is given to handicapped children or very ill children and young people - usually with lots of media hype. Small children who are physically healthy but without parents are often neglected in the process. Under certain circumstances, it can be a stroke of luck to be without parents from birth - depending on the parents! In such cases, properly trained “substitute parents” have to be organised and provided for the babies – and they must be available until the children take their destinies into their own hands. Further information on this topic will be published here from time to time. A state-run orphanage for 0-6-year-olds has already been contacted in Istanbul/Turkey as an institution for this pilot project. The main problem is that there are far too few qualified “substitute mothers” for the approximately 320 small children. Not having any parents can be just as terrible a fate for children as having incompetent parents. . . . . You can support this mammoth undertaking by buying the products presented here. And that is why the Latin expression “Lucra pro finibus humanis” – “Profit for Human Purposes” – is to be found at the top of our letterhead.