Brain compulsion

An objective view of Table 1 tells you that there is neither any need nor space for any spirits or souls that are supposed to exist in living creatures, particularly in humans! WITHOUT MATTER, NOTHING WOULD EXIST IN THE UNIVERSE!!! Nature doesn’t have any hocus-pocus in mind! All this can merely be attributed to the evolutionary “weakness” of our tiny mind: compared to all the other relatives closely and distantly related to us, we are the first creatures with a teeny-weeny bit of “superior” intelligence on this planet! It is easily conceivable and probable that some distant day, the ever progressing value-free evolution (DARWIN) will create even more intelligent “humans” than ourselves. We will then be the future “chimpanzees”- provided, of course, we have not become extinct by the time! A natural world that is able to switch from ape to human with a genetic blueprint difference of only 1% is capable of many things. However, our tiny, humble brains should not start buzzing again trying to figure out how this future “human” could look like – not even all the fantasy of one thousand Salvador Dalìs put together would suffice to figure it out!  As today’s humans, we therefore have our difficulties accepting that chimpanzees are our closest relatives from a genetic point of view, despite DARWIN and genetic research – it is really hard to believe but true! It must have been very difficult for our completely clueless, human ancestors to even think of it. Without any sound knowledge or deep insight, future thoughts and adequate conclusions will be impossible – our ancestors did not even know that!

It is a good thing that nature is not that easily offended: we humans already regard ourselves as the “crown of creation” despite the fact that we were endowed with a pea-sized mind! Easy now, gentlemen, a bit more humility would really do us good! We cannot even imagine how many other mysterious creatures can be created from these 92 elementary components. A picky brain or at least a larger mind full of knowledge would be more than desirable – tennis ball instead of pea size would already be an improvement, but football or even basketball size would of course be far better. A “nutty” chemistry teacher from my school days used to say that future people would have a considerably larger head. Perhaps he was right, who knows?

Today’s mind can be compared with a car. In order to enjoy the ride, however, the car has to be tanked up before! If there is no fuel available, the car can only be used as a very expensive umbrella with an integrated seat! The same applies to our mind: without knowledge there is no proper development of thoughts, i.e. the brain (or more precisely the mind) mainly produces nonsense! We are all familiar with a similar state when we dream: when our control mechanism, the mind, is not activated, i.e. when we sleep, the already stored information starts forming chaotic combinations which we conceive as a crazy movie. If our animal origin also starts piping up besides this lack of knowledge, the fat’s in the fire: the history of humankind for over 10.000 years – utter nonsense!

Our brain happens to be on a lower developmental stage from which it can ask many questions but at the same time give and find very few spontaneous answers! We first have to take the trouble to search for sensible answers before getting closer to the truth. The dangerous consequence is that the lesser the knowledge the more untrue “answers” there are. This is where we would benefit from the previously mentioned ability of the “clever” stomach which our brain lacks. The brain accepts any answer it is offered unconditionally and completely uncritically – it acts foolishly, it’s pathetic! Our brain does not rest until we present it an answer – just like a rumbling stomach that wants food or a dried out tongue that has to drink. Even though this “excuse” is completely insane, our brain is content and already starts asking the next question. To avoid querying the “excuse” by means of follow-up questions, we fill in further crazy ideas to consolidate this position! This state can be described with the term ”BRAIN COMPULSION” which is tantamount to our brain’s “URGE-TO-NEED-AN-ANSWER”.

This uncritical position of our brain becomes even more dangerous if our PRIMAL FEAR (the conscious perception of death being the end of our life) comes into play. If this primal fear is further accompanied by our omnipresent INFERIORITY COMPLEX (Alfred ADLER coined the expression) – likewise induced by a huge lack of knowledge – then all the requirements for the entire fairy-tales of the history of mankind up to now have been met!

Our ancestors did not grasp lightening and immediately made it “plausible” as “God” to their brains. The same applied to thunder! Step-by-step, more and more fancy ghosts, gods and demons had to pay tribute to our brain compulsion. We humans are truly unbeatable when it comes to concocting crazy ideas!

There are no limits to our fantasy: how often have I gone for a walk through the universe, visited other galaxies, found no one to play together with and returned – despite that,  I have never lost sight of my way back to Löhergraben….

To be sure, fantasy enriches our life and does us good in terms of inventions and arts, but it must never degenerate too much and start replacing reality! Psychiatrist on duty in closed institutions all over the world can tell a very sad tale or two about the latter case. To fantasize about something and then claim it actually was the “divine” truth immediately increases the daily dose of psychotropic drugs! And what happens outside the mental hospitals? Exactly the same, just without medical treatment!!! Just like the fans of different football clubs people divide into “divine” teams and tear each other apart because each team claims to have chartered the only “truth” with its “divinities”. The number of “hooligans” (simpletons would be more accurate!) is of course much higher among the “divine” clubs than among the football clubs as the former are known to have existed for thousands of years. Football clubs still have to learn a lot, they are still in their developmental phase!?

To simply claim something were true is far from being any proof for the existence or the accuracy of the assertion! Anyone who makes assertions is obliged to account for them: he first has to prove that his fantasy corresponds with reality or (even better) is identical with reality! We do not get very far with such reveries outside the mental hospitals. It is well-known that the advocates of the various fantasies have relentlessly been at odds with each other – see current media reports! We could have been spared all this superfluous suffering of everyone involved if our pea-sized mind were as clever as our stomach…

If there is something we currently do not understand, we should let it rest until we are able to truly understand it one day! And if not, so what? It only starts getting critical once we start deeming our excuses real. We thereby obstruct the pathway to actual truth! All the more so when these excuses are bolstered with ridiculous authority from generation to generation before the outside world.

We can overcome this brain compulsion if we become aware or make ourselves realise the fact that it is playing a treacherous game with us! Our current technical toys (SmartPhones with integrated bottle openers, tablet computers with touchscreens etc.), our basically primitive inventions up to now (e.g. combustion engines for various means of transportation) mislead us so much that we actually believe we could find an answer to everything – immediately and infallibly! Even a fine scientist such as Nobel Prize winner Werner Heisenberg (1901 – 1976) stated: “When you take the first sip from the cup of awareness, you become an atheist, but at the bottom of the cup God awaits you” - this shows you just how powerful this brain compulsion is!

A further impressive example for this power is the aforementioned (alleged) big bang theory. The supporters of this theory are also deluded by the fact that all the star systems (just like our galaxy is one of billions) move away from each other at top speed and the further away they are from us the faster they move. It actually looks like after an explosion – all the parts fly apart but why the more distant parts have a higher velocity remains unaccounted for. Instead of devising dubious gods, the supporters of the theory have come up with “dark energy” as an equally mysterious explanation and they have desperately been looking for it for a long while…. This is brain compulsion of a different sort, that’s how I see it! The calculated regressions of the galaxies (foreign milky ways) unfortunately do not lead back to a point of origin which would be expected in case of an explosion (here: big bang)! Nevertheless, some astrophysicists are tenaciously searching for their “dark energy” – well, if you like! After all, other people are also still awaiting the arrival of their Messiah… Can’t the flight of the galaxies as discovered by Edwin Powell Hubble in 1929 be attributed to a simple rotation of the entire universe? Wherever you look, there is rotation: our earth rotates around the sun, electrons around their atomic nuclei, galaxies around their respective central points! Why should the universe not rotate as a whole and thereby create the abovementioned flight of the galaxies? Every child knows that the longer the rope, the faster the stone at the end!

Apparently, people love it when it really bangs and preferably in a colourful and noisy way, just like a firecracker on New Year’s Eve. What happens once you have big-banged? Hydrogen atoms are formed, neutrons, electrons, protons and also all the tedious elementary particles that can be observed in the laboratories but whose origin remains unaccounted for. And as if that were not enough, the formation of time and space is quickly managed at the same time; of course, the flight of the galaxies has finally been resolved, too! Only the development of ghosts, gods, demons and the bad reputation of mothers-in-law still remain in the dark?! It appears as if a lucky bag has burst and our brain compulsion were pacified for a longer period of time...

As regards time and space,the following still has to be added: neither of them requires any development! They are merely terms we humans have introduced for our own orientation. Neither has any mass nor any other natural properties and so they cannot interact with matter. Consequently, what Einstein meant by “spatial curvature”, his famous general theory of relativity, has to be incorrect: a mere human definition (e.g. space) can be neither curved, kinked nor perforated! The same applies to the other mere definition of time which cannot be prolonged, reduced or manipulated in any physical way! For all I care, time and space are absolute factors that are independent of anything and which exist without restrictions! As regards both definitions, it does not really matter whether there is matter or not. The philosopher Ernst Bloch (1885 – 1977) once asked to “imagine the universe without any matter; only the huge space remains! Where does it originate from?” A question without any answer! Supporters of the big bang theory, however, believe that matter, time and space belong together and they all developed during the explosion!? What kind of excuse is that?….

Absolute time never comes to a halt, it is independent of events or event sequences. On the other hand though, no event would be possible without time – not even the big bang! If everything else rests and nothing happens, absolute time still elapses unaffectedly – the point is that we are simply not there to grasp it! Furthermore, whatever is said to have banged (see above) inevitably takes up “space”. So the “big bang” requires both time in order to proceed and space for its explosive mass prior to the explosion. How on earth are time and space supposed to have developed after the ominous big bang – am I crazy or what?!

Einstein’s “time dilatation” (which states that the lapse of time is supposed to depend on the accelerated motion of an object) is probably only to be considered an effect of the outer forces on people’s “time” measuring instruments having mass (everyone knows the acceleration force in a car when putting one’s foot down)!

The speed of light (approx. 300.000 km per second) has not represented an upper limit anymore for some time now! There are assumed to be much higher velocities in nature. Whatever prompted Einstein to regard the speed of light a constant and the largest possible factor remains his “secret” (the special theory of relativity). He also introduced a further “random” but mathematically useful and, from his point of view, essential constant within his general theory of relativity…

It is not my intention to present any odd calculations. My thoughts are merely guided by a pure (engineer’s) logic which I would like to share with you. As already mentioned above, accelerated, generally incomplete measuring instruments having mass or objects with mass in general (whether they are inanimate or alive!), seem to me to be the crucial source of error when measuring time!

Something similar seems to apply to Einstein’s spatial curvature: it appears that the “curvatures” Einstein postulated are more likely the supposed “graviton orbits” which have not been discovered yet! Gravitons, also referred to as Higgs particles, are said to be tiny elementary particles (even smaller than electrons and photons = light particles) which are supposed to be responsible for the attraction between two or more masses. As a mechanical engineer, I dare say these particles generate this “magical” attraction by means of their shape (geometry) and constant motion in the direction of the respective mass they belong to – also referred to as gravity or gravitational force, according to the Latin “gravis” meaning “heavy”. I imagine these particles to be like a reverse (V) which move towards the direction of the centre of mass. Once they have reached the centre of their “home mass”, they turn and leave it again (just like a bicycle chain). Somewhere outside the mass they reach a turning point of their orbit and return to their centre upside down. This “bicycle chain” orbit could also be the cause of the so-called “background radiation”, by the way – the remaining radiation (“aftermath”) of the big bang 14 billion years ago, according to big bang supporters.

If these V-shaped bodies move towards their respective centre of mass upside down when confronting mass, they would get caught up and consequently attract each other. The bigger the mass, the more (V)-body and the stronger the attraction! In such cases, mechanical engineers refer to form-fitting (i.e. purely geometrical) connections which also have been known for long in microbiology: viruses fuse with our body cells by means of form-fitting connections as well, just like a key in a lock! There can hardly be any talk of a real vacuum in the entire space anymore (= a room completely void of matter) if all this is to be true. There would be gravitons (V-bodies) everywhere, right?!

If this process as described above occurs in every minute mass particle (e.g. photons, better: particles we perceive as light), then we have more or less managed to “explain” the phenomenon of gravity and literally even brought light into the idea of the as yet unknown “dark matter”.  Furthermore, this alleged “dark matter” is supposed to be responsible for the fact that the galaxies (e.g. our milky way) do not fly apart – consequently it acts as sort of extra gravitation! It appears the astrophysicists have miscalculated…  As far as gravity is concerned: if the idea of the V-body is correct, Einstein’s light diffraction due to heavy masses might be accounted for without any mysterious “spatial curvature”, allegedly followed by the ray of light which thereby appears “diffracted” or deflected from a straight pathway! This would be a normal mass attraction within the V-body idea. Perhaps the real (?) attractive force would then have to be examined arithmetically in order to see whether it would be strong enough on its own after all (i.e. without spatial curvature and dark matter).

Of course, new questions arise when dealing with this V-body concept. What do they consist of, for example, where and how did they develop, what keeps their permanent rotation (circulation of the bicycle chain) going etc.? But this is exactly what I would like to clarify in this third topic: not even the pure natural sciences are immune to this brain compulsion! Mathematical equations that can be manipulated are no absolutely reliable antidote – especially not our measuring instruments! The mere constant peculiarities of particle physics (also referred to as quantum physics or micro physics) raise more questions than provide answers, for example regarding the duality (ambiguity) of light – according to the respective measurements or experiments, a light particle (photon) behaves like a mass particle or sometimes like a wave. I wonder whether we are currently trying to examine an extremely delicate Swiss lady’s wristwatch with an excavator weighing a thousand tons. Sometimes I think that if I were as tiny as an electron or even a photon, I would be able to tell more of the truth about “us” micro particles and demonstrate that there is no such hocus-pocus!

Just to complete the “dark” series (dark energy, dark matter), I would finally like to mention that some astrophysicists are presently also struggling with the notion of “dark flow” which allegedly represents a sort of connection of our universe with a second, larger universe!!? Perhaps it would be best to ask the senior consultant to reconsider the daily dose….

The so-called “super string theory” is probably the last example taken from natural sciences for the unconscious and therefore treacherous brain compulsion. In this context it is assumed that everything consists of differently vibrating, extremely tiny “strings”. All matter is said to have developed through varying vibration properties!? Here, too, it remains unclear what the dancing little strings consist of, where and how they developed etc. etc.

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