As already mentioned, we have not managed so far to live in peace with each other in a world that has not been chopped up. On the contrary, with money that has been ripped off people (commonly referred to as “taxes”) incredible amounts of fancy, perverse murder weapons are produced, along with especially trained staff (so-called soldiers), “merely” to defend “territories”! What kind of “civilisation” are these hypocrites talking about, when they open their treacherous mouths?!

The only thing that is truly globalised at the moment is not our unconditional human sympathy but our boundless deceits amongst each other and ruthless exploitation which not only individuals have their share in but also entire so-called democratic nations (father lands!).

The alleged moral-ethical values which “religions” are said to have brought about were visible and effective only for a short period as they posed a new hope for everybody at the beginning of their creation. Their founders, also referred to as apostles, did not know any better than to frighten the mobs with ghosts, gods and demons at the time in order to make them believe and obey them or their “divine” rules and to live a relatively civilised life! Without any thorough knowledge and with artificially generated fear (according to the motto: if you are not good, the devil will come and take you!) you cannot achieve much – and nothing that will last!   

Solicitors around the world are familiar with this equally naïve and primitive mentality: when and where has the threat of punishment (even up to the insufferably perverse death penalty!) ever resulted in a more civilised behaviour?  

Irrespective of this cheap act of deterrence the global approach in the entire legal sector is based on fatal ignorance regarding the true nature of humans: people such as Adolf Hitler are not born, they are formed by us humans!!! This means that we humans are hardly or not at all able to take the full and sole responsibility for our actions as so-called “grown-ups”! The incessantly erroneous (child) upbringing and the permanent contact with mentally disturbed fellow human beings distort us and make us turn into what the general public then superficially perceives as “persons”!    

The current “assessment” regarding the accountability of a young, pitiable Northern European, who cold-bloodedly killed 69 children in their holiday camp clearly as an act of madness following the assassination of 8 people in a previous bomb attack on a government district of his fatherland the same day, is a vivid example of how little the so-called “expert” who attested the completely lunatic assassin’s “sanity” knew about human behaviour – this pseudo expert has no clue about his profession! One of ADLER’s fundamental insights, namely that we have to separate the deed from the perpetrator in our considerations, seems to be utterly unknown to this guy or he simply doesn’t give a damn?! It is unbearable….

The fact that we label such “spree killers” and other deranged people as monsters and direct the entire public rage towards these poor sods clearly demonstrates how far today’s humans are from grasping, let alone understanding themselves! As already mentioned, child upbringing is not a piece of cake anymore!!!

A human society that constantly requires artificial “etiquette rules”, which in turn are braggadociously called “laws” and whose abidance can only be ensured subpoena, has no right at all to call itself a “civilisation”! A true civilisation can only unfold in an atmosphere of unconditional humanity and requires no manmade “laws” – we are currently still many thousands of years away from achieving such a state, don’t mistake me!     

The conclusion we should urgently draw from this bitter fact is that people who have become “criminal” should by no means be stuck into jail but should undergo psychotherapy under the care of highly qualified experts so that they can receive real help and become better humans! And according to the same train of thought, all legal officers and prison guards should be retrained to become real connoisseurs of human nature! They will anyway be redundant in a true (i.e. future) civilisation. A prison cell is no “sanatorium” but a further proof of how primitively today’s humans think – they have no clue as to what or who they are but nevertheless, they unscrupulously pass drastic judgment on their fellow-beings and haughtily believe they have the right to be the fellow-madman in the name of the people.   

But not only the judicial branch is based on profound ignorance! Our way of working is one big catastrophe: how can you bind a person to one position for 40-50 years and naively expect him or her to work productively and contently throughout the decades? People only “put up” with this because they fear for their existence and are ultimately after a meagre pension – provided they survive all these hassles and do not belong to the high-ranking representatives who are “automatically” privileged! Therefore, most jobs can be characterised more aptly and realistically as “pension prisons“ nowadays! A life that has already been thoroughly planned from start to finish is pure venom for us humans – such an existence is no better than a strictly regulated and completely hierarchical life structure in the barracks!       

Humans need to use their mini mind in a creative way and in relative freedom – otherwise it goes daft!!! Because of this unfavourable situation, people more and more often experience various forms of nervous breakdowns (so-called burnouts!) as well as many psychosomatic conditions (i.e. bodily complaints without a physical cause!) among the work force. At the same time, everything only revolves around the annual “economic growth rates” as if they were the crucial criteria of a (pseudo) advance in society! Humans are not only ignorant of themselves, they also misconceive the kind of detrimental situation they are heading towards (see Topic 4!).  

However, let’s now return to our brave attempt of saving ourselves and have a look at the predominant forces of nature which humans have been almost helplessly subjected to till today: in the whole of living nature the individual behavioural genes force all species to reproduce continuously (Smax urge!).

Especially in the world of “higher” developed animals, this process is further enhanced by the phenomena of primal fear, imprinting and bonding, which in return take effect by means of their own congenital behavioural codes. Humans are completely incorporated into this structure!!!

Had our natural evolutionary development come to a halt here and had it not bestowed us our mini mind, we would be the happiest apes today, without nuclear weapons and environmental disasters! But alas, it turned out differently and nature itself is probably surprised at the complete balls-up it made!  

It is not too late – eventually we could truly “awaken” and reconcile ourselves with nature again before nature changes its mind and eradicates us somehow just to redesign humanity afresh!? The dinosaurs have already undergone this process….

With the development of the mini mind, nature has shot itself in its foot, but since nature is more stupid than we humans, it does not even realise the imminent catastrophe: we could destroy the entire world already tomorrow – well done, “likeness”, what a feat!? However, primal fear gets hold of us (not our mini minds!) and prevents us from going that far – aren’t we lucky?

The typical beginner’s mistake of our mini mind is that it is not yet sufficiently familiar with the fact that it is something basically new and good. But who can blame the mini mind, since it has been embedded in this mire called “behavioural genes of the primal apes”? Furthermore, there is the omnipotent Emin principle (which, for example, brings about the fatal complacency of humankind - just remember the good old slanted plane) which unreservedly dominates everything anyhow. The whole universe is run by it – in the microcosm as well as in the macrocosm! Nothing and nobody stands a chance against it – even chance itself (also referred to as fate) is controlled by it. After all, changes in our primal genes (mutations) which occurred by chance resulted in us humans.   

Many, or let’s say almost all people “believe” that some kind of benevolent or malevolent forces are the cause of their fortunes or misfortunes in life! In both cases, merely the Emin principle applies and nothing else – neither angles nor demons…. This is what happens when people are not taught proper stuff in physics classes; they are practically bound (?) to resort to ghosts, gods and demons! 

Our mini mind desperately needs to acquire much more knowledge in order to obtain proper validity – the days of automatically correct behaviour are over (unfortunately?)! KNOWLEDGE is what’s going to save us in the long run and will lead us to deep INSIGHT. Believing is not the same as knowing!!! Therefore, it is completely misleading and nonsensical to speak of “religious studies or humanities”! Religion is a mere product of human phantasy used as a bulwark against our primal fear. As mentioned above, only true insight can save us from any kind of fear and nothing else!!! This is why all religions belong into the museum – as a memorial! A first tentative approach can be seen in Istanbul (formerly known as Constantinople and Byzantium before that): Hagia Sophia was originally designed as a church (4th century), then became a mosque (15th century) and has been a museum since the 20th century! The name “Hagia Sophia” is Greek and means “Holy Wisdom”! You can see how a whiff of sense eventually emerges when “holiness” is paired with (pseudo) “wisdom”!           

We humans are content with insight. Holiness belongs to the past! All “houses of God” around the world could do just fine as memorials in a museum and warn coming generations of falling for it again! Billions of people “believe” in a “God” who allegedly expects them to fast from dawn to dusk for one specific month per year! How on earth are Eskimos supposed to abide by this “divine” rule if the sun does not rise or set in their territory for months? Those living in the polar region have to choose a different God, right?! What kinds of “gods” are unaware of the geometry and subsequent physical properties of their own creation?   

Guys, please stop going crazy and start learning how to think – WE HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE!!!

I admit, for us humans nature is (still!) both fascinating and mysterious at the same time: the 92 different elements that exist in nature (see Table 2) are quite peculiar! Starting with hydrogen (H) up to uranium (U), they all consist of identical components (electrons, protons and neutrons). From element to element they only differ in the number of these components! It is as if someone created things such as gold, iron, oxygen, copper etc. with completely different properties by varying the number of components using only three Lego bricks with different colours!

From this point of view, the followers of the ”reincarnation phenomenon” are only partially right: in our Table (1) the components of every human are enlisted. Nature is behaving like a blind painter, so to speak. On a “colour palette” with a total of 92 pure “colours”, nature randomly selects (always adhering to the Emin principle!) 47 colours and “paints” us humans by concocting wild “colour combinations” (molecules) from these 47 “basic colours”.    

Before a person is born, all these “basic colours” are already existent in this world. When our mother is pregnant and continues eating and drinking, she aliments her body with all the necessary “basic colours” and their “colour combinations” so that we grow in her “tummy” and she eventually gives birth to us. During our life time, we constantly have to eat, drink and breathe, thereby ensuring a constant supply of “basic colours” and “colour combinations” (food). When we die, we emit all these “colours” into the environment and new creatures can possibly be created from them: the cycle of our life may end here, but not the cycle of our components! The “Lego bricks” themselves do not, or rather never age, only the living constructions which were created from these components – that’s what we call bad luck!   

Up to this point, the idea of “reincarnation” is acceptable – but it is not be taken seriously anymore if billions of people start “believing” again that their deceased aunt is now a cow, or the old uncle a monkey, or the horrible headmaster a rat….

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