Closing Words

It goes without saying that you must regard openness, honesty, professionalism, helpfulness and highest product quality as absolute essentials. Then nothing can get in the way of long-term co-operation over many years which would be beneficial to all parties. Providing each other with mutual support, working together, earning together and helping together – acting in this way would be a great step towards a meaningful existence, for everybody . . . Competitiveness, greed and egotism are relics of our animal past. But these can be overcome if people’s intelligence beats in their hearts!

Bye, until next time. . . .
Your AFIDA-International

Aachen, 30.05.2010

PS.: Here is an example to demonstrate AFIDA's basic attitude to dealing with people:

A multicultural festival was celebrated in the late summer of 1994 in Brand, a suburb of the town of Aachen. It was organised by the Parish of St. Donatus on its own grounds and all those involved were asked to prepare typical dishes of their countries. Various groups of non-nationals and Germans had prepared wonderfully aromatic and inviting food on Bar-B-Q stands and tables. Attractive games and activities had also been organised for children.

When the crowd began getting hungry I noticed the following: if people are hungry and there is some delicious-smelling food nearby, nationality does not play a role at all. Things were ordered, paid for and eaten with relish in every conceivable way. Not only could High German and “foreign” be heard, there were also people speaking broken German and using wild hand gestures. Hostilities between nations and religions were completely forgotten for a moment! Why is it not always like this, I asked myself, and I came up with the text below as a “thank you” to the extremely nice parish clerk. The first few lines are consciously written “wrong” – they symbolize the fact that people have to communicate with each other in some way. Talk to each other, even if the sentences don’t always come out right – and not just when you’re hungry! . . . .



You human,
      me human;
Where’s the difference?
Then why so much fuss?
I love, you love,
         we live in this world;
Then why so much fuss?
I give you my hand,
        open, without weapons
Give me yours too!
Then why so much fuss?
Let’s walk the path together,
                   what of it?
You Muslim, me Christian,
      him Jew, her Buddhist!
We are all people,
          don’t forget that!

Aachen, 14 September 1994

. . . how time passes and people still make a fuss!?