Community versus competition
We have already mentioned our direct and very close genetic relationship with apes, especially with the Orang-Outang (Malayan for “sylvan man”), gorillas, chimpanzees and bonobos. All these ape species live in reasonably large, social groups with one dominant, grown, male group leader. Among the gorillas, this leader is referred to as “silverback” since the hair on his back has turned grey to symbolise his “maturity” and age. He is responsible for the entire group, so to speak: he has to find good feeding grounds, take care of a safe sleeping place, protect the group from enemies, “settle” disputes among his followers and make sure to reproduce. Quite the human leader but without all the human airs!

This short observation of a group of gorillas already marks the parallels and deficits or rather perverted errors of human societies:  

Let’s start with the positive, fundamental aspect of the formation of society. It is the FEELING FOR COMMUNITY (SOCIAL INTEREST) which ADLER strongly emphasises and which we should be properly taught from an early age on in order to lead a life without neuroses. ADLER is right, but what he really describes is our in fact completely natural way of living in social groups! Not by chance are humans said to be “gregarious animals”. In this context, “group animal” would be more adequate as ungulates are more likely to form a herd. Our closest relations, however, prefer to live in reasonably sized groups. Hence, ADLER’s observation and constant emphasis regarding the feeling for community is a simple description of our actual genetically pre-determined lifestyle which we thoroughly spoil by letting us be re-educated to be perfect egoists.   

The fact that we are nonetheless greatly influenced by the behavioural genes in question, is reflected in our insatiable inclination to form groups, despite our pronounced degree of egoism: various societies including fatherlands, political parties and different ideological or religious communities. And we feel comfortable in our corresponding groups!  

One of the reasons why we feel comfortable lies in the important but at the same time very precarious fact that individual members (the so-called infantry) leave their “reasoning” up to the corresponding group leaders! Thereby, they renounce their responsibility and have it pretty easy – as long as they abide by the regulations of the group or group leader. Then the silverback, at his discretion, has to see to a fruitful atmosphere for all.

The same holds true for our “fatherlands”: the public – provided it is allowed – elects the most capable liar to be its “representative”, letting itself (usually unnoticedly) be ripped off by him. The public is constantly displayed a “feel-good atmosphere” which doesn’t really exist or only partially: democracy! The real silverbacks in their jungles are at least honest with their clans….

How drastically this energetically or genetically based “attitude of comfort” (Emin!) of individual members of a society can distort, has become bitterly apparent in the most recent past: 60 million people were killed or outcast by fellow humans who were no longer able to think clearly during World War II.  The nice slogan “just imagine it’s war and no one is taking part” has so far remained wishful thinking, but it also displays the slow awakening of the masses - don’t you think so? The number of victims caused by natural disasters such as earthquakes, normal volcano eruptions, flooding, tornados (see Topic 2) etc. seem like orphans compared to the purely human cruelties! Only if a mega meteor (celestial stone!) crashed onto the world would the number of victims be surpassed.    

The group of monkeys can rely on their leader and live a comfortable life in unimpaired nature. We humans are nowhere near them but at least we have already become the “crown of creation” – if anything, we are the crown of the embarrassing perversion in the blind eye of evolution!

We are forced to make better use of our mini mind than we have done before and still do today, or else we will completely destroy this world and go down the drain. However, it would only be fair towards this wonderful nature on our planet if we human parasites collectively committed hara-kiri or gased ourselves to death – we have already made sufficient devastating experiences with both methods! Only this time we should mind the environment when taking our farewells – that’s the least we owe our planet….     

So, our “longing” for idols or leaders is in our genes. However, we must not let “pied pipers” take advantage of the concomitant comforts and let ourselves be treated and misused as a brainless horde.      

Only because a male boss is in command in the jungle, male dominance also prevails in human society – and this for thousands of years and just because we have been refusing to fill our mini minds with true knowledge till this day!      

These totally idiotic men (and those, who believe themselves to be such) simply love it and the completely astounded women don’t protest! Global feminist movements along with the apparently modern need for job creation schemes such as “equal opportunities officers” in some “father lands”, are the first tentative efforts to mitigate this unspeakable nuisance, at least a bit! 

Gentlemen, you should really be ashamed of yourselves, and yet you are not even able to do that! Those “behavioural regulations for women”, which originate from your pathetic little (monkey) brains, are unbearable, completely superfluous, highly presumptuous – in short, totally apish! Completely devoid of any reason and driven by hormones and genes, you try to tell women how they ought to live: in their own homes, outside in public. You dictate whether they may receive professional training (and if so, in which field), may work or not, even what they should wear! The human male (ape) even tries to determine the absolutely private love life of women!...    

We haven’t been living in the jungle for a long time now; has nobody told you fools? Some of the extremely confused among your species do not even spare your make-believe “God”: in a beautiful country in southern Europe, a group of old guys deem themselves particularly distinguished and feel chosen (by whosoever) to solely serve “God”, to handle “Him” and to strictly forbid women to do this job.     

At the same time these old men go against nature and (allegedly!) renounce any sexual activity similar to eunuchs just to be able to serve “God” undisturbed and without distraction at all times. You guys must be nuts: if no one of you produces any offspring, then who shall continue your “divine” cause? Definitely not me!!!  

One can hardly take seriously a “God” who allows for such nonsense (nor those men of god) – amen! And speaking of “God” : no wonder this term is a male concept – get ready for the jungle! 

Hindus seem to be bonkers in a much more easy-going and colourful way than their European colleagues: for them, there are millions of “existing” deities which are not only male but also female and even animals and plants – except for viruses and bacteria! And as if this were not enough of a divine potpourri, they also have “mixed divine creatures”, semi-human and semi-animal. I am sure, their European counterparts are jealous?!  

Dear me! On which planet are we living? Fortunately, no truly intelligent aliens are watching us – at least I hope so…

When elaborating on the comparison between apes and humans, we will notice further remarkable parallels between both living environments. There is also a direct correlation between the male chief and well-known competitive behaviour. The jungle silverback has to confront any potential rival and possibly needs to defeat him in a fight if he wants to prevail in his position as group leader of the apes.      

It is a simple and at the same time clever method of nature to select the “best” in order for the “strongest” to eventually beget the offspring. So far, so good! The entire rutting behaviour in immediate wildlife, which purely constitutes a trial of strength between the males, consequently only serves the purpose of generating healthy new generations – according to the “logic” of nature.

In order to enhance the physical superiority determined during the fight, the outer appearance of the winner is also attributed a very important role: the strongest is also supposed to be the most beautiful! When it comes to birds of paradise, for example, there has been a unilateral mutation in the genetic predisposition of these bird species according to which only the outer beauty counts. But in addition, the males also need to dance well! At least, there is nothing savage about that! The female paradise bird then chooses the best dancer with the prettiest feathers to be her husband.    

The poor male peacock, a bird of the pheasant family, has exaggerated his beauty with a huge circular trail that can be raised and which bears pretty eyespots to an extent that he can no longer fly! 

If the analogies to us humans have not become apparent by now, AFIDA cannot save the world either: the huge fashion and cosmetics industry best proves what humans can do with their mini mind using a simple trick from nature! In nature, an intact surface is a sign for a healthy potential partner. If this also holds absolutely true for us humans, remains to be determined individually by each one of us! However, we should generally take care not to get stuck in superficialities or drown in them..      

It should also be well known what our mini mind has furthermore created from this confrontational and competitive behaviour: the incredibly vast sport industry! In the beginning there were boxers, wrestlers and gladiators trying to emulate the silverback and which afterwards further developed into countless variations of the rutting behaviour, for example also in form of leisure activities or substitute for physical exercise. Not by chance does every sport maintain animal instincts which encourage the sportsmen of competing groups and consequently drive or rather delude anyone involved to perform aggressive actions!

The fact that the adage “competition boosts business” is supposed to be a special cultural achievement of humankind is an illusion: competition only boosts our animal instincts (see above)! Those (like many other fools) dreaming of the idea that they can eventually achieve something positive for the general public through “competition”, have understood nothing at all about human life! Only those who out of conviction and from their heart behave unconditionally humane and not egoistically (see our butterfly poster!) will be able to generate truly great and long-lasting achievements for the entire world!!! All other efforts simply do not work as we have seen for thousands of years everywhere. Only if we all work together hand in hand around the world and without any person or nation insisting on distinguishing itself from others (cave: inferiority complex!), will we finally be able to control our animal genes and create “paradise” here on earth – even during our lifetime! Thereafter, we would not have to phatasise about an ominous transcendent “liberation” anymore! We would already have heaven here on earth! Therefore, we have to learn to always do our best right from the beginning, without any competitive pressure based on our animal instincts. 

Numerous and mostly dramatic stories on jealousy recount what this primitive competitive pressure can further drive “brainless” humans to do!   

Our according sentiments also originate from our animal behavioural genes: woe betide any young male gorilla that dares approach the harem of the silverback – there won’t only be banana fireworks! Any human who does not make use of his mini mind is bound to behave like his “uncle” in the jungle! This especially applies to the male humans who do not use their brains and exaggerate their jealousy by telling their female counterparts to conceal their natural (god-given?!) beauty from others! And make the female abide by “silverback’s” order without giving it a second thought or asking exposing questions, the wannabe pasha declares the whole affair to be a “divine order”! You must be joking! These are simply our animal behavioural genes combined with a hollow mind. Which artist would cover his entire work after having completed it and to present it thus to the world?! The clean-shaven silverback in his boxer shorts and trainers still needs to eat maaaany boxes of bananas….

However, human females do not behave any better under the influence of misinterpreted “emancipation” when their personal “silverbacks” go snooping around foreign territories. The “male” behavioural pattern of women in human society was already described as so-called “male protest” by ADLER. One of his successors, Rainer Schmidt from Aachen, later defined it even more clearly as “macho mania”. It describes the “apish” imitation of men – e.g. female boxers! Dear, esteemed ladies, you need not copy such complete laughing stock! We will show and assert your natural rights and dignity to my unfortunately quite dumb and therefore arrogant fellow men – don’t worry, there is no alternative when   founding the first true civilization.     

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