Dear fellow beings,
My warmest greetings to you!

In order to make your stay with us as interesting as possible I will write here on pressing current issues relating to us humans as the occasion arises. These will be easily understood reports from various fields of everyday philosophy which have preoccupied me personally for decades in my private, and above all in my independent research – psychoanalysis in the light of Alfred ADLER’s work, comparative behavioural research (also known as ethology and not to be confused with ethnology), natural philosophy, “mass psychology” (better described as psychosociology), special psycholinguistics and early astronomy. I can imagine that some of you will follow the issues presented here with great interest and will perhaps want to discuss them with me – e.g. to discuss the meaninglessness of asking about the meaning of life and even of all existence! . . . . 

                                                                                                               Process of naming