When talking about all the disasters and preposterous issues which crop up when our mini mind is not used, reference has to be made to hierarchy, an additional phenomenon that has been perverted by humans till today.  

If nature has provided for a silverback, other “lower service grades” are naturally to be expected, given that we are dealing with a group. When placing the silverback at the top of the group, he will be sought by the mature female gorillas, followed by the adolescents and finally the child gorillas. Such hierarchical formations can be observed among many different groups of animals, for example among wolves and even insects such as bees or ants. They all have their leaders or “queens”, “workers” etc., and everything in their microcosm is right as rain since they function according to their individual genetic blueprint without a mini mind.

This order only marginally applies to us humans and would work out fairly well if only humankind did not pervert everything with its ignorance! Once more, it is apparent that our mini mind only poses a nuisance in nature as it is devoid of any true knowledge about ourselves! It is indisputable that a group works better when a certain degree of order is provided for in the allocation of tasks. However, every single member of this group of people needs to be considered as of equal value. At the same time, each member should want to naturally contribute to the wellbeing of everyone – without that animal relict commonly referred to as “competitive urge”!       

It is obvious why neither Marx nor Lenin managed to create such a rather simple societal order: they failed to understand that our empty mini mind first needs to be instilled with true knowledge until humankind sees reason and stoops from its “crown of creation” to its place among nature as an equal value to all other living creatures! To simply maintain that “religion is the opium of (for) the people”, for example, does not suffice – our mini mind requires clear, logical explanations in order to see reason.  

Not even the well-meant slogan of the French Revolution “liberty, equality, fraternity” is free of our animal prejudices paired with ignorance: liberty is a pure illusion for all things! Nothing can bear up to rules of nature – and certainly not living creatures. What humans really refer to merely denotes a restricted liberty, provided we finally get the knack of using our mini mind in a human way – unconditionally and caring (see butterfly poster!). Equality is a completely wrong term – it should be egality (or at least equal validity). And why must it be only fraternity (cave, silberback syndrom!) and not sisters and brothers? Must women be subconsciously excluded again?  

However, you only see what we are lacking when you have a closer look: true knowledge about ourselves, which is the only thing that will lead us to consciousness and modesty

As long as we have to struggle with kings and emperors, peoples and nations, popes and monks, poor and rich as well as all the other categories of eternal separation, i.e. of artificial hierarchies, we will not be at peace!  

When I consider the so-called “nobility”, I feel the urge to immediately call the female senior consultant on duty so that the daily dose can be raised! It pains me to observe how ridiculously these poor, confused devils behave – they really believe that they stand above the rest, these dusty, inflatable plastic wannabe silverbacks! Our genetic penchant for hierarchies has no limits. We even sustain these pitiable creatures artificially with our taxes and celebrate and even revere them like pop stars – quite the imprinted human. When neglecting the mini mind, the impact of our genes can simply not be underestimated!  

In our ignoble lives, we have of course found a solution to satisfy our addiction to hierarchies: everywhere there are artificial gradations in the form of employers, employees, managers, workers, numerous so-called academic degrees as well as other higher and lower positions! But apparently, people seem to have subconsciously understood the ludicrousness, otherwise they would not hesitate to use denominations such as Prof. God, Dr. Jesus, MSc Prophet and Managing Director Apostle.

A further, very interesting and common relict from the jungle is (in its truest sense) the way we distinguish between above and below.

Irenäus Eibel-Eibesfeldt, a follow-up scientist on a par with behavioural scientist Konrad Lorenz, drew the following conclusion after having carefully observed different ape populations: without exception, all apes flee to high places such as treetops when they sense imminent danger! There, they feel safer than on the relatively dark jungle ground; besides, rather than being runners, they are excellent climbers. No potential enemy such as a leopard can follow them up the crowns, which means that above (where it is light at the same time) they find shelter and salvation, (Emin)!    

Therefore, humans (i.e. almost-apes!) also always associate above and light with something positive, whereas below and darkness represent everything negative – all over the world and in all “cultures”! Heaven is high above and light. Hell is perilous and below. All evil forces rise from the dark or return there, e.g. Count Dracula! All the little angels populate the clouds – at least as long as the clouds have not been rendered uninhabitable by air pollution!? Even when enlisting things, we automatically start with the highest level, the prettiest, the most delicious or expensive – typical of us clean-shaven apes.   

A further observation of Eibel-Eibesfeldt should be of particular interest to members of military: it was easily observed on silverbacks that the fur on their shoulders straightens up during a serious uproar and they adopt a threatening posture. They thereby optically enlarge their silhouette, a common display and deterring behaviour among animals. In this context, it is not by chance that all the generals and co. love to display their epaulettes with shiny golden stars stamped from cheap brass exactly on their shoulders – unconsciously, of course!

The animal display behaviour also constitutes a somewhat modified but common phenomenon among us humans: it can not only be observed among the colourfully embellished military costumes but can also be “admired” on the strange academic gowns and hats of legal or religious officials, not to forget among the so-called aristocracy, especially emperors and kings!  

What is there to add, apart from the recommendation to read two of his books: “The biology of behaviour” and “Outline of comparative behaviour research”! Such knowledge must be the duty not only of every psychologist! To study psychology without ethology as main subject is anyhow a farce – those who want to understand humans first need to listen to the jungle unbiased and attentively!!! We must further deal with this matter in Topic 4….   

After we have familiarised ourselves with the fundamental forces of nature, which also strongly dominate our human existence, we can now concentrate on the essential steps we necessarily have to take in order to awaken from our thousand year old slumber! We humans simply cannot, must not and will not continue this way!!! We are constantly staggering into a self-made catastrophe – only because of our ignorance, lack of insight and refusal to see reason!      

A brief summary of the mighty natural forces, which have solely dominated our lives till today, will simplify our “attempted rescue”. 

But first, we once and for all need to comprehend and accept our complete insignificance from nature’s perspective! We are by no means a “custom-made design” from some kind of mysterious, “divine” creational workshop! We are far too primitive as to have been created by “super beings” especially for this planet! A “God” with all the fantastic and miraculous powers we dream about and wish for could have created a perfect being without further ado. To be quite honest, we really are an infamous, almost blasphemous insult for any true “God” – provided “He” actually exists! To call and consider ourselves “crown of creation” and “image of God” are irrefutable and definite statements of our deep-running, entrenched inferiority complexes, i.e. typical naïve compensation efforts of ignorants! Any “god-like creature” would do better than to produce us humans?!    

In such a case, a mere increase of the daily dose definitely does not suffice anymore to get rid of this primal insanity. What our mini mind requires is true knowledge about ourselves as a completely ordinary part of nature! The same way we humans once had to accept the “bitter” truth that our planet is not flat like a pancake and by no means the centre of the universe, which everything revolves around, we now have to finally get used to the fact that our existence has got nothing, but NOTHING to do with “gods” – never had, never will!!! 

Where does all this originate from? Why does it exist? And where will our journey take us? All these are legitimate questions our mini mind asks, but we are simply not able to answer them at the moment! Therefore, it does not make any sense to inquire after the “meaning of life”. As mentioned at the beginning of this topic, our mind is capable of inventing a lot of questions but it cannot answer many of them neither truthfully nor to our utter satisfaction – SO WHAT?! Does that mean we must fall for the games our mind plays with us – brain compulsion = the-urge-for-answers?! Of course not, provided we instil our mind with true knowledge and envision the simple background of both primal fear and inferiority complex: like I said, primal fear is a nasty little trick of nature to keep us alive by all means and to make us reproduce like madmen. Furthermore, our inferiority complex is the result of wrong upbringing – and that’s all!     

When we know the reasons or causes of our “various” fears, we can easily control them so that they do not impede, dominate nor influence our behaviour, our emotions and our entire life! The same holds true for our “very devoted” (see imprinting!) inferiority complexes: if every human being (girls and boys!) were educated in the framework of an atmosphere of pure feeling for community (social interest – ADLER) – the way we experienced it in the womb, where a natural and vital togetherness, the so-called PRIMAL-WE, exists anyway – and were to live in unconditional benevolence (see our butterfly poster), we could get rid of this plague for good and stick it into a museum for all eternity to remind us of our completely confused period of ignorance!      

To violate the most sensitive, fruitful and memorable learning phase of humans such as the first six years of every healthy child out of sheer ignorance, is by far the greatest crime of humanity against itself: the younger generation of not yet neurotic innocents is distorted by clueless parents and the children are then seemingly prepared for life in the most bloodless and naïve way possible by insufficiently “trained” teachers (from kindergarten to university), who are usually struggling with their own neuroses! Afterwards, those young pseudo-trained assume a profession and become parents themselves, thereby completing the vicious circle!    

It can impossibly continue this way the next couple of millennia! Keep on producing neurotics; celebrate Christmas once a year, for example; worship various “Gods” and be at each other’s throats afterwards; to chop up the world into “fatherlands”; to employ military forces as artificial fangs in order to defend them; to then invent pathetic and perverse regulations called “martial law” to murder in a “civilised” manner; to draw up “declarations of human rights” at the same time, even though this should be self-evident; to ruthlessly destroy nature and fellow beings for purely egoistic reasons; and to meditate at the end of the day because the own nerves fail you – hello “likeness”, are you nuts or what?      

As you can see, without a THOROUGH TRAINING IN NATURE AND HUMAN KNOWLEDGE FOR EVERYONE, we don’t stand the slightest chance of getting away from our misery brought about by our megalomania! Just to remind us: megalomania becomes essential when trying to unconsciously oppose (also referred to as compensation) huge inferiority complexes (Emin-searching off track!). Despite our current mini mind, we still have sufficient abilities to free ourselves from the clutches of our animal behavioural genes – at least to an extent that finally allows us to start living in a dignified way according to our current mind.     

I cannot imagine that there is “teacher” somewhere out there who teaches his students that the earth still looks like a flat pancake? I very much hope I’m not mistaken! I also don’t want to imagine that there is somebody who presents humans as “God’s doing”, thereby corrupting and poisoning entire generations of young minds!!! We have been struggling with the bloody consequences of this fallacy for thousands of years on a daily basis now – enough of this ancient nonsense!

We have to replace the role the mighty and often male “gods” with a global education of all children and train them to be unconditionally human (see topic 4!). All the “divine” imaginations of people are too transparent and childish, even infantile, i.e. very mundane: a strong but caring and forgiving fairytale character capable of anything; an ideal father who offers his “family” the best possible protection and who takes care of all necessity life – now if that does not sound like jungle! Anyone of us can assume the role of the “silverback”, provided we have been properly prepared for unconditional, shared humanity right from the beginning of our lives! A world full of true friendships is in no need of “gods”, soldiers, police, judges, jails, politicians, rules of etiquette (also referred to as “laws”, see below), country borders, …. We simply have to manage to distinguish ourselves a little more clearly from the animals in this world within the scope of our current mini mind! Our entire behavioural repertoire has almost been anything but animalistic up to now!!!      

A couple of technical achievements of humankind should not deceive us so that we completely lose track of sad reality: no achievement in engineering created by humans deserves to be called “valuable” as long as it works on the expense of the environment and is not 100% recyclable! People built a tin box on four rubber wheels, for example, which moves without the help of oxen or horses but they have not considered what should happen with the exhaust fumes – this is something only the dumb, purely profit-oriented, incomplete human with dollar signs in his eyes can manage; real apes do not commit suicide, also not in instalments!  

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