I must admit, it’s enough to drive us “mad”, but if we remain humble and equip ourselves with more and more INSIGHT, we will acquire the ability to have an unparalleled amount of fun in this world compared to the real chimpanzees! Not only is it our right to have fun, it is also our duty! (Emin principle) literally forces us to do so, see e.g. our complacency!

The only way there is clear: it is the urgent task of the Alfred-Adler-Institutes that have been “dreaming” around the world, together with ethologists and other interested people and experts from science and engineering from all over the world (to be argus-eyed by AFIDA International, of course) to elaborate a LITTLE COURSE BOOKLET for the entire mankind as compulsory reading from an early age on – about “NEW FOUNDATIONS OF KNOWLEDGE OF HUMAN NATURE”-  without having to account for the ancient, persisting (cave, since we are talking about imprinting!) fairytales about the alleged existence of a “soul” or a “spirit” within humans! Humans are already interesting and mysterious enough without them!!! In this undertaking, AFIDA’s Topic (3) could and should be groundbreaking – in all modesty, kma!     
Our ancient behavioural genes and the new mini mind need to be harmonised – otherwise we’ll lose everything, even before we have found it!!!

Once we have grasped the true reality of this life, it will not be necessary anymore to ponder a hereafter that does not exist anyway! We also needn’t worry about all the free-roaming “priest”: all similarly confused people can first undergo therapy and then retraining, so that they can offer truly (more) useful services to the global community instead of coming up with a life full of cock-and-bull stories!     

Not even our “mortal fear” could be pacified, let alone eliminated by fairytales; rather, it has been reiterated that it can only be realistically controlled by KNOWLEDGE. Step by step, we need to manage to live in a world in which all people are at all times willing and able to help, support and comfort each other – as if it were as natural as breathing the air in and out together all over the world!    

Unconditional humanity; one single language; one single “home”; this beautiful blue, undivided planet with so many interesting living creatures, where everyone can learn from each other and where there are no locals and foreigners but only world citizens, rendering all armies and wars superfluous – all this can be achieved, even with our current mini mind. Only then, can and may we talk about human existence!

THIS IS NO UTOPIA, merely our currently concealed future which we can and HAVE TO unveil only through our KNOWLEDGE - instilled mini mind (by no means through faith!!!). Only then may we start talking about a civilisation we created – an only then! Till today, no single human society has managed to create a civilisation, not even a tang of civilisation – tell me when, where?

Country boundaries have been established and extended with striking brutality; local citizens as well as so-called “foreign” neighbour populations have been abused by power-hungry chief-neurotics, with or without feeble pretexts such as “democracy”; nature has been covered in concrete and asphalt, completely ignoring the environment and monopolistically depleting the resources of the planet which belong to all of us. The main thing is that the egoistic profit is ensured, according to the motto “après moi, le deluge” etc. (see Topic 4) –  and all this is supposed to be a characteristic of civilisation? You should be ashamed of yourselves, mankind, provided you have a minimum degree of required maturity …

At the moment, we are a disgrace to our planet! No “gods” and otherworldly punishments or rewards will save us from this dilemma, only our KNOWLEDGE and INSIGHT into ourselves. Our Topic (3) is only the beginning of a long way ahead of us – it’s a jolt, to put it in the words of a former middle European head of state (an “elected silverback”) who coined the “Jolt Speech” when addressing his nation. At the time, he only spoke about the necessity of a “jolt through the nation” without going into further detail because he probably did not know anything concrete and only intuited it somehow! Besides, a “jolt” through one single nation won’t work: all of humanity finally needs to be “jolted awake” – for example through our Topic (3)!   

We all are children of this planet and are collectively “responsible” for all the wrongdoings! The entire, undivided earth is our mutual and only home which we have to take care of together – we do not have any spare planet behind the moon, left of the gate to heaven!

Actually, we can also be proud of our mini mind. On the one hand, it has bestowed fancy murder weapons on us (i.e. all military facilities and their devices) but only because we behave like brainless animals: egoistically, constantly involved in primitive competition and endlessly greedy! Here, “brainlessness” refers to our fatal LACK OF INSIGHT into ourselves! 

As a deceased US-American IT specialist once put it quite appropriately: “we seek insight and drown in information.” This contains his justified criticism on our current cyber mania! We let ourselves be blinded by technical bells and whistles too easily. When I observe all the people on the streets who are intently engaged with their fashionable, wireless communication devices, I realise how much they crave community interaction and communication! They feel lonely despite the tangible crowd around them! The contents of their conversations are usually that trivial (and only their mobile provider is glad about that) that one could easily talk about them with the passers-by – free of charge….

On the other hand, our mini mind has facilitated the finest, most sensitive and empathetic feelings, emotions and love! Even though they all are merely biochemical processes in our body, they are beautiful (Emin state!). No animal on this planet can copy this; we are positively unique in that sense.

Our unlimited expressions of solidarity during natural catastrophes or rather our natural willingness to help handicapped or weak people and even animals are further wonderful behavioural patterns we owe to our mini mind! Such a behaviour is alien to the animal kingdom – with some extremely rare exceptions, for example among chimpanzees, albeit to a very low extent. 

So, why not start immediately by enhancing these positive possibilities of our mini mind? This means more concretely: educate every person (ideally from an early infant age on) to be unconditionally caring! Until the previously mentioned “little course booklet” will have been completed, everyone can already get familiar with AFIDA’s Topic (3)! 

I am well aware that you cannot reeducate 7 billion people in one day, but as our Chinese fellow beings positively formulated it: “even the longest way starts with the first step.”

The main subject KNOWLEDGE OF HUMAN NATURE must be taught in all kindergartens and (primary) schools in future – which implies teaching all children on this planet unconditional humanity, leaving out the cock-and-bull stories of the past millennia! There is no alternative to this!!! Our mini mind HAS TO learn how to deal with reality rather than with unfounded fairytales! As long as humans did not know enough about nature, they had to invent such weird stories (brain compulsion!) and their reasons for doing so always need to be explained in a comprehensible language! Our Topic (3) should be a first step in this direction….

For previously mentioned reasons of IMPRINTING, this indulgent and realistic encounter with the mysterious truth of life needs to take place at an early age with each child! Consequently, it was no coincidence but rather a purely logical consequence to start AFIDA’s orphanage project (see Topic 1) with an age group of 0 to 6-year-olds. We need to discuss further details on this matter in following topics. The correlations are far too important than to be tackled within one single topic.     

As a sign of solidarity and accordance with the content of this topic, our butterfly poster (see shop!) should be exhibited around the entire globe in order to mark the beginning of the one and only pathway (the “jolt”!) for us humans….

Thank you very much for your understanding and support.      

Our mini mind cannot abide boredom! It literally forces us to act and/or think. This fact is a characteristic of the (normal) human. “Higher” developed animals only encounter this problem in a zoo where keepers try to mitigate the situation by making animals look for their food.       

“Good” old Gaius Julius Caesar apparently intuited this as well when he formulated what his Romans supposedly needed: “Bread and Circuses!” He was intelligent enough not to mention “Salmon and Caviar” instead of bread: Till today, the public has to continue labouring while the state imposes high taxes so that people can hardly feed themselves and their families. All this is meant to keep the public from thinking or – perish the thought! – from questioning the way of the world. In their deliberately scarce free time, people are further prevented from thinking by means of superficial little games such as competitions of all sorts (usually sports or quiz shows – rutting behaviour, see above)!   

Till today, all the generations of “silverbacks” have had a knack of taking their people to the cleaners in a more or less neat way, in order to secretly establish a nice and (most importantly) secured life at the expense of the public. Therefore, you could easily dub most politicians in (supposed) democratic societies “elected pimps”. In this case, the real pimps would of course belong to the more honest category since you know what they are all about – they do not pretend!   

There is a very suitable quote from Josef Rattner, a further brilliant connoisseur of ADLER’s: “(…); he (ADLER) would have understood how far away of the emergence of a humane society we still are, as long as education, teaching, societal and cultural life are dominated by people who are devoid of self-awareness and knowledge of humans and who are able to manifest their unchecked feelings and affects as a horrible political reality based on their powerful position.” This is all too true….

In order to emphasise their feigned authority, these politicians like to call themselves “lawmakers”, even though they are far from being that: the only existing laws derive from nature! What these pathetic, clueless politicians produce can merely be described as “rules of etiquette”! And the more of these little rules are required in order to shape a reasonably “civilised” human society, the more immature and underdeveloped the population in question is – which the “ruling” minority finds rather convenient! Politicians keep on displaying their own stupidity when they unanimously and undisputedly demand harsher “laws” with even more drastic sanctions with every new misbehaviour. As we already mentioned above: neither prisons nor other punishments can provide a remedy, only REEDUCATION through trained staff with knowledge of human nature! A person who suffered a miserable childhood is already punished for life if she/he does not receive any expert help. To drag this person in front of an equally clueless judge is simply idiotic and backward, in short: uncivilized!!! No (normal) person would come up with the absurd idea to punish a sick person because of her/his illness! But this is exactly what happens when a disturbed person (i.e. almost all of mankind at present!!!) is condemned, sentenced and imprisoned because of her or his “bad” behaviour – or even receives the allegedly “just” (?) death penalty!         

The case is no less dramatic when taking the learning situation in educational establishments into consideration: instead of encouraging the young generations to think independently, critically, FREE OF FEAR and ultimately creatively, they are degraded and converted into passive, intimidated recipients of bloodless information – despite Jean Piaget (1896-1980)! Our mini mind is there to think, not to learn by heart!      

Schools and other educational establishments currently are places of frustration rather than sources of happy development and cogitation! Good, i.e. clear and reasonable reference works (either books or internet) and an independent use thereof hardly play a role in the current, normal learning environment!

This globally similar condition also requires urgent revision since the very queer method of “performance testing” (so-called exams!) is completely unsuitable: you cannot expose people (young and old) to artificial stress (exam pressure with all its terribly perverse consequences!!!) and then naively test their “knowledge”?! Thinking under pressure always results in misperformance – and anyway, what do these pseudo-pedagogues want to find out? Continuous “homework” in form of individual or group tasks that encompass the entire education (from kindergarten to university) and that are meant to be relevant to society and promote critical and creative cogitation (Piaget!) are en vogue! An evaluation of this “homework” and the concomitant short presentations would facilitate a far more realistic and unparalleled statement on the true abilities of each pupil and student!!! It is clear that the entire global educational system (including both teachers and students) requires a fundamental reformation which has been adapted to the needs of our mini mind – we cannot continue with incompetent “regulations” from equally incompetent “Ministries of Education” and their usually super-incompetent ministers! At present, we are almost “systematically” and thoroughly ruining the entire creative potential of the young generations through education, training, pseudo-authority and the subsequently induced fear – just because we have no knowledge of ourselves and are filled with the resulting unlimited hubris of smarty-pants!         

Moreover, we need not fear that we will eventually create a boring global “standard unity” of people when opinions expressed within AFIDA’s topics are made public worldwide and are supported by the corresponding “little course booklets”: not even identical twins growing up in the same place develop identical personalities! Our mini mind is far too flexible, so that every (also the same!) environmental factor is perceived differently by individuals and consequently leaves different, individual impressions which creates different, individual behaviours. This means that our world is definitely not going to be boring – on the contrary: it’s going to be HUMANE and INGENIOUS!!!

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