We humans are indeed a funny and strange little bunch! We should be careful that we don’t steamroll everything on this planet. And to happily reproduce ourselves without limits won’t do at all! The worldly manufacturer is the one who determines how many passengers some stupid tin lizzy should and can transport! But what about our earth? How many billions of people can our planet still bear and properly nourish – 70 billion, 700 billion or even 7.000 billion people?! Millions among our current 7 billion people perish of hunger and thirst on a daily basis; babies die in agony because their mothers are not able to breastfeed them – the result of a shortage of basic foods for themselves! The so-called industrialised nations only have eyes for their “economic growth rates” and distribute a little charity (also referred to as “development aid”!) in order to keep at least some of their customers alive! IT IS DESPICABLE….

As if all this were not dreadful and shameful enough, those old, confused Southern European men come along and meddle in affairs they officially have no clue about and create confusion with regard to the pressing issue of birth control by advocating unrestrained procreation. But despite their impertinence, the global community has let them proceed unpunished so far – their therapy and re-training have long been due!  

As mentioned before, the first thing we have to do is to thwart this wild procreation (Smax – urge)! Nature is powerful and those cunning feelings are very strong. Hence, all we have to do is to make sure that not another new generation is created during every mating game – something the Chinese have been desperately trying to achieve with their one-child-policy per family. Yet without practicing unconditional humanity on a global scale, we won’t accomplish anything lasting and satisfactory for all. There are enough orphans in the world, for example, who would love to find a caring family!   

After having brought our reproduction under control, we must direct our main focus on the global securing of our health and food since one cannot LEARN in ill-health and on top of that empty-stomached!!! 

All “ghosts, gods and demons” must vanish from our school curricula and books – providing an explanation as to why they must vanish, see e.g. this and following topics! Every good and truthfully educated human can perfectly, realistically and effectively replace any such unreal “god” with her or his natural affection, devotion, love, truthfulness (in short: unconditional humanity and deep insight)! A mankind that is in need of phantasy creatures to provide comfort as “replacement-protection-powers” is by far not sufficiently mature for a civilised life on this planet!  

Similarly, all military output is one single pathetic display of an immature and uncivilised mankind! The billions and squillions of tax revenues we have been ripped off and that have been spent purely on military purposes are a bitter reminder of our current, shameful and primitive state of development. To produce weapons and to simultaneously claim to be a democratic and civilised society is sick – very sick!

Of course, we ought not to forget about the global, unlimited securing of everybody’s livelihood! If all the tax billions wasted on barbaric purposes were saved, this would probably be peanuts from a financial point of view!  

In this context, it ought to have become clear to everyone that the global community naturally must ensure the obligatory livelihoods as well as health, proper nutrition and ultimately an education of humankind that has become devoid of ghosts – and all this in an atmosphere of eternal and global peace! This way, we would accomplish the next matter of self-evidence which has long been due: not a person’s location of birth but only her or his mere existence in this world should - MUST! - play the only role in the promotion and fruitful development of that person. As aforementioned, the “necessary” financial means to achieve this goal would be available in abundance if only all those soldiers and other uniformed civil servants ceased to exist on this planet! In future, it is even imaginable to live completely without money. In any case, we have to put an end to the current dictatorship of money which has become highly perverted! We still need to further discuss such thoughts in subsequent topics….         

The enormous consequences of this long overdue, unconditional humanity is becoming more and more apparent – hopefully! Our behaviour since all those thousands of years till today allows for only one single conclusion: our beautiful earth currently appears to be the MADHOUSE OF THE UNIVERSE!!!

We have an incredibly long way ahead of us. No “fatherland”, no nation can and may withdraw from this ordeal. But as every step in the direction outlined here will render us more mature, self-confident and consequently happier (Emin-state!), we should not evade these efforts. On the pathway we are currently taking, we have been following the wrong “silverbacks” for far too long and too uncritically – ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!  

Our only chance is to finally instil our mini mind with true knowledge and to thereby reveal its actual ability, namely creative and logical thought. Furthermore, we need to liberate our mini mind from the bitter and simply fatal slavery of the primary genes and free ourselves from our puppet-like behaviour attached to the genetic reins of evolution!    

Our momentary childish, extremely short-sighted and superficial fascination with (or faith in) technology (which is a further consequence of the phenomenon of boredom, by the way!) strongly reminds us of the “Dance around the Golden Calf” of the early Israelites! The main thing is to push many little buttons, evoke colourful screens and at the same time have no clue as to the underlying physical mechanisms – it’s simply a game and pastime!  

Polluting machines; inhumane production and working methods; nature covered in asphalt; practical, square, stackable and tall building units made of reinforced concrete with artificial light and irrigation – all these are achievements we couldn’t possibly be proud of, especially not of our modified rutting behaviour (competition at all times, sports, endless contests)!     

What have we achieved in the past millennia with regard to unconditional humanity? NOTHING AT ALL!!! Why else would we require armadas of institutions such as Amnesty International, Greenpeace or other human rights, animal and environmental organisations if we all were so “civilised”?

We are not at the end of an ominous development. In fact, this is not even the beginning! We first need to realise that we have to get started (“crown of creation”, don’t make me laugh!). To simply leave our mini mind meander along will not do, we need to LEARN how to “drive” it properly!!!  

Actually, it’s a STROKE OF LUCK that our brain cannot filter our thoughts on its own accord! Because in that case, we would not have the chance to “teach” our mini mind how to behave in a caring way! Everything would run “automatically” and we would probably not even have a conscience – like a shaved monkey on two legs, sitting (not even driving) in a “car”….

Therefore, NOTHING SHOULD BE MORE DEAR TO US THAN THE EDUCATION OF HUMANKIND!!! We have the power and this unique opportunity to trim the wonderful ability of our mini mind in a way that allows us to become paragons in our entire universe and not to merely carve out a miserable existence as “inmates at the mental asylum” as we are doing right now – there is much to do and the pathway has been outlined here, so let’s please get started ALL TOGETHER! To fly to the moon is easy, but to globally establish stable and unconditional humanity through true learning from childhood on, is incomparably difficult – we definitely have to get rid of those formfitting monkey costumes we are wearing! 

Without unconditional humanity (which would even render tolerance superfluous!), we will not find peace and quiet, nor truly evolve – even though one day we are going to take control over future evolutionary steps ourselves, we beforehand require the globally effective, unwavering humanity as a solid foundation for our every action, more than ever! Otherwise we will continue creating Frankenstein monsters in almost every respect, just as before!!! Together, we must strive to truly humanise our behaviour so that the butterflies need not cry for our sake any longer! No person has the right to harm another being! On the contrary, we are bound to help each other – unconditionally!         

Let us not forget: we are very far from being what we have considered ourselves to be for a very long time!

Supplementary, encouraging but at the same time critical and inevitably sobering topics are going to – must! – follow.  

Thank you for your persistence.

Bye, until next time….




AFIDA International




Aachen, 11.10.2012

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PS 2: After having published Topic (2) in the internet, we notified by mail a couple of institutions, which are especially affected, hoping that they would review our ideas in order to avert possible damage from people and their possessions!

We forwarded our request for review to the following places, institutions and “people”:  

  1. British Petrol (BP), London, GB
  2. White House, Washington DC, USA
  3. Pentagon, Washington DC, USA
  4. National Weather Service, USA
  5. MIT, USA
  6. Ministry of Defence, Japan
  7. Ministry of Defence, South Korea
    (our letter was returned unopened with the remark: no advertisement?!)
  8. Ministry of Defence, Taiwan
  9. Max-Planck-Society, Munich, D
  10. Club of Rome, CH
  11. Max-Planck-Society for meteorology, Hamburg, D
  12. Clinton Global Initiative, New York, USA
  13. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Washington DC, USA
  14. Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation, Seattle, USA
  15. Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation, Washington DC, USA
  16. Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation, London, GB
  17. Roman Herzog Institute e.V., Munich, D
    (especially because of the so-called “Jolt Speech“)

Till today, we haven’t received a single response from the institutions enlisted above – apart from No. 7!? It is not very nice to behave in such a way! Arrogance paired with ignorance is a definite sign of a pronounced neurosis which is not really indicative of a “civilised” behaviour. Tornadoes come and go, people die or lose their possessions, but no one deals with our request!

What strange times we are living in….

PS 3:  Quote from Rainer Schmidt, 1983!

"What endangers the peace between people, and what we can do to preserve it, is a question that will guide us into the right way. We must find somebody who clearly describes the problem to us. The career politician will not be able to do so, as his daily speeches and actions prove”.

Even though it took almost 30 years to clearly describe the problem, we hope to have also illustrated the solution just as clearly in our Topic (3)!  

PS 4: Quote from Khalil Gibran, (1883-1931), painter, philosopher, poet and writer:

"Spare me from any philosophy that does not cry, spare me from any wisdom that does not laugh, and spare me from any greatness that does not bow to the beauty of children."

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