Primal Fear

Before we take a closer look at the devastating consequences for us humans that arise from the combination of brain compulsion with the primal fear and the inferiority complex,  one must reflect on two other pivotal natural phenomena: the “system status” (abbreviated  S) and the “trend of energy minimisation” (abbreviated  Emin).

The system status  (S), simply put, describes the physical state of a predefined closed system: just imagine a shoe box with a lid which can be separated into two parts with a pushing device; in the one half there is some kind of gas (e.g. air) and the other half is empty. At this precise moment, we are able to describe the complete system status of the box as (S1). Now let’s pull out the partition wall, wait a few moments and think about what actually happens in the box which is still closed. Obviously, the gas will be evenly spread in the entire box. This system status can be described as (S2), similar to the one just mentioned. As long as the shoe box remains closed, and there is no outer intervention, the following can always be noted: (S2) will always be greater than (S1) – and not only because of the greater gas volume! This occurrence can clearly be referred to as “space filling”, space occupancy or space gain.

This phenomenon, the “space filling”, can be observed in our entire known universe and therefore of course also on our planet - as long as it involves a closed system.  Without further ado, the whole universe can be regarded as a closed system – just a rather big shoe box with a lid! In plain text, this means that matter will always “want” to fill out the total existent space, whether or not it is in a solid, fluid or gaseous form. Under certain conditions (a closed space without any external influence), space gain seems to be a generally valid principle of nature!    

A strikingly similar trend can be observed on a daily basis especially in the entire living nature of our earth:  all living beings are continuously busy proliferating and occupying the space that is at their disposal! Of course, behind all of this is  the pressure of evolution that incessantly sees to it that constant new generations are created – “Be fruitful and multiply”! This biblical appeal would actually not have been necessary: nature takes care of that in abundance! It is not by chance that this “ reproduction drive” is the strongest of all urges and is even explicitly supported by them – hunger drive, hunting drive, flight instinct etc. etc. – or simply the instinct of survival of the species.

We want to adhere to the following affirmation: from nature’s point of view, the greatest possible system status (Smax) or maximum space occupancy seems to be highly desirable!

Let’s now focus on the next most important natural phenomenon: The trend of energy minimisation (Emin)!

Energy is nothing other than the working capacity of matter! In other words, if there is no matter, there is no energy.   We all know this from own experience: if we feel drained of energy, totally exhausted and empty, it stands to reason that work won’t turn out well ....

Just imagine an inclined plane with a ball placed on the higher upper edge. What happens when we let go of the ball? Obviously, it will roll down!  It has to manage on its own and so, without any human interference,  the ball follows the law of nature ( in this case , earth’s gravity) and changes its position from the higher to the lower point. It has higher energy at the top (greater working capacity) and so it has to drop down to the lower level, namely, the trend of energy minimisation (Emin)!

This principle seems to be so simple, but in effect, it controls EVERYTHING AND IS INVARIABLY OMNIPRESENT AND APPLIES TO EVERY LIFE SITUATION!

When we are hungry, we are in a (Emax) level and so we have to try to reach the (Emin) condition as quickly as possible. We do this by eating, of course! When we laze about and are at ease with it, then we feel good (Emin) – nothing has to be changed. Stress (Emax) is nasty and must be reduced immediately in order to reach (Emin). To love (Emin) is really good, to be loved, even better (Emin.min) – and should remain so for ever! When we experience fear (Emax), we should try to get rid of it at all costs so that (Emin), or freedom from fear, can be reached. Our reason helps us best in this case; however, if it is crammed full of KNOWLEDGE or COGNITION! He who knows much has less fear and has no need for half-witted crazy ideas! This simple fact is the reason why we are generally afraid of the dark or of unknown things. We cannot see well or nothing at all in the dark, we do not know what lies ahead of us or what could happen to us; and on top of it, when we hear unfamiliar noises, our imagination runs wild. The consequence? Fear! What is foreign to us, be it human beings or places, generates fear in us until we have more information about the circumstances. This behaviour can also be observed in pets, for example, when they are temporarily exposed to a totally strange environment: at first they are hesitant (and sometimes anxious) and  intensively explore their new environment - only then do the animals feel relaxed and are without fear.

Our whole emotional household, from sheer hatred to profound love, can be described as a to and fro between the Emax-state (all negative emotions) and the Emin-level (all positive feelings) - whether this point of view is romantic or not, should remain temporarily undecided. However, when realising that all emotions (feelings) are only bio-physical-chemical processes in our brain and nervous system and that only elements from the periodic table (see Table 1 and 2 resp.) play a role at all, then one can probably grasp what these “crazy” combinations of lifeless building blocks of living elements are capable of! And as matter, they obviously have to follow the laws of nature - from Emax right down to Emin!  In doing so, everything that is living, with all its facets, as well as lifeless nature, is subjected to this principle.  

It is no coincidence that fear has also embraced this urge to proliferate (Smax of living creatures)! It is indeed a repulsive and perverse design of nature that at least all animals must experience fear in order to safeguard the preservation of species! This fact alone is evidence that a kind and warm-hearted “God” cannot be behind this “creation”. “He” would have got along without fear! A person who generates fear and /or pain to reach his goal, is called a sadist, as is well known! So does the so-called “creator” have a sadistic disposition or is he simply an apprentice who was not able to do better?....

It is not known whether plants in general also have to bear this disgusting state of fear – there are controversial thoughts about this.  Anyway, how pleasant it would be for us animals to be able to live, simply to exist and to “pointlessly” procreate blithely , if it were not for this constant fear for our existence....

A further sadistic side of this existence is the extremely important BOND, which especially concerns higher mammals and hence us humans in particular. This bond between two creatures is already established in the womb (so-called primal-we) and after birth it is passed on to other related persons. We all know this lifelong intensification of the family bond. In the beginning there is the family and then other various friendships which are established in the course of life. Woe betide us if a bonded person passes away! We feel wretched, (Emax)! It is a gross injustice what nature inflicts on us.  A single supporting bonding armada is formed just to safeguard this absurd preservation of the species only to leave behind, in the moment of death, the devastated and overstrained bereaved to cope with their profound grief all alone!  I cannot, for the life of me, imagine that a “divine” plan is behind this. It is childishly touching how all the mainstream fantasies connected with death have tried to comfort us in vain for thousands of years. Yet they have failed to offer a real “liberation” or even alleviation. Fairytales remain fairytales – it is as simple as that. Friends too, offer only slight solace in moments such as these. Only the brutal and value-neutral reality of nature will be able to truly help us and despite our pea-sized brain, we will ultimately become aware of and understand this! Nevertheless, when I think of the hunting scenes of lions, for example, I feel all queasy at the sight of the prey with its eyes wide-open, full of fear and running for its life. This scenario becomes even more gruesome when a mother has to watch its young one being lacerated! And there is supposed to be a “God” behind all this?  Ridiculous!

Ever since roaming rather clumsily through life with our mini brain, we have been faced with this loathsome fear. We are the first beings on this planet to be made consciously aware of the end of existence (death) during our lifetime. And as the sole function of fear is to prevent (early) death, this awareness leads to the most multifaceted, known absurdities of mankind. Fear wears us down our whole life long and extremely confuses our still “delicate” mind. Unless, of course, we see through this highly primitive little game of nature and do not allow our precious few joys of life to be completely spoilt.  Indeed, we are well able to curb and even to overcome this idiotic fear of death (PRIMAL FEAR, EXISTENTIAL FEAR)  provided we top up our pea-sized brain with KNOWLEDGE or, better still, with true UNDERSTANDING of ourselves and our place in nature!

The most important realisation we finally have  to begin to see is that the human being is not the “centre of focus”  and is not at all the goal of evolution!  “Crown of Creation” or “God’s image”? A load of nonsense!  When we grasp, once and for all,  that the human being is worth no more and no less than a single-cell organism and has the same and sole “obligation” on this planet as all other living things such as plants, animals, microbes and fungi, i.e. to reproduce, then we will, for the very first time in the history of humanity, have the chance to overcome this primal fear for good! True modesty, enriched with understanding, which  anyhow determine and compliment each other, will in the end  result in a considerably reduced fear level and will particularly enable us to control our free-floating (unconscious) damned fear! Persons who blabber on about not being afraid of anything can only be pitied: they have not even understood themselves, let alone what fear is and what its purpose is.

To round off this section, let’s conclude by looking at this peculiar evolution itself as such. As already mentioned, the evolution of all living creatures (i.e. the production of various species) operates under a strange compulsion. The stimulus of this compulsion is nothing other than the described Emin-urge, which the whole universe succumbs to without exception. No one can say why it is so, we just have to accept that it is the way it is, even if some diehard smartass fancies to know. We always forget, or rather suppress the fact that our mini intellect is not in the position to explain everything completely! We should be happy to actually understand something at all and that we are able to figure it out a bit ....

So, this means that the pressure of evolution is present, it creates living beings who, in turn, are so under stress that they multiply – multiply – multiply – multi...! The consequence of this chain of events is quite simply the fact that with every reproduction of a new generation there is the ever-increasing chance to create something new and unprecedented!  This new species owes its existence to an ERROR during the reproduction, or rather, a combination of own genes (also known as hereditary disposition) deriving from parental genes. This “error” is known as MUTATION, from the Latin term for ALTERATION. Mutations are accidental variations of the original structures due to physical-chemical, inner or outer influences, which only take place or are controlled according to the mentioned Emin-principle.  We humans also originate from one or more “reproduction errors” resulting from the common ancestors we share with our simian relatives. That’s it, pure and simple!  If there was no reproduction error, then embryos (fertilised ovocytes) grew up to become happy little apes and faulty ones resulted in primordial men up to the wacky ones running around today.
Well then, good luck!  Talk of Adam being created from the dust of the earth and Eve from Adam ´s rib—don’t make me laugh!

And all this, be it the evolution pressure, reproduction error or whatever, occurs under the control of the energy minimisation trend (Emin-principle) – just think of our previous inclined plane, a simple rule with gigantic effect! It is just the same with nature: out of its league as far as our mini mind is concerned! When I sometimes observe people, then I think that the reproduction error which took place then, must have been simply too much at one time ....

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