Process of Naming
But first let me come to the process of naming “AFIDA”, to its “creators”, and to common aims. At 7 p.m. on Friday 27.11.1986, the founding members of the non-profit association „Ausländerförderungs- und Integrationswerk der Region Düren/Aachen“ („Organisation of the Düren / Aachen Region for the Support and Integration of Non-nationals“) gathered at an inaugural meeting in a lawyer’s office in Aachen and agreed upon the abbreviation “AFIDA” in view of everyone who would be involved in the association. The founding members came from different professions which were and continue to be beneficial to the association’s aims: university lecturers from various fields (German studies, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering - also called “process engineering” in the German-speaking world), a school principal, a bank manager, a lawyer and a specialist educationalist for non-nationals.